• 2 or 3 Position
  • Metal or Plastic Heads
  • 30 mm
  • Water and Oil Tight
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Non-Illuminated
  • Octagonal Mounting Nuts
  • Meets Type 1, 3, 3R, 4X, 4, 12, 13 and Automotive Standards
  • Heavy Duty Rated NEMA A600 Contacts
  • Positive Indexing Selectors
  • Bifurcated Movable Contacts
  • Attractive Chrome Plating
  • Boots Not Required for Type 4
  • UL Listed File # E22655
  • CSA Certified File # LR6535
  • Touchsafe Terminals


Model NumberHead StyleColor
52PP2A252PP2A2Metal 1.75"Red
52PP2D2AB52PP2D2ABMetal 1.75"Red
52PP2D3AB52PP2D3ABMetal 1.75"Green
52PP2DRAB52PP2DRABPlastic 1.75"Red
52PP2DSAB52PP2DSABPlastic 1.75"Green
52PP2E2A52PP2E2AMetal 1.75"Red
52PP2ERA52PP2ERAPlastic 1.75"Red
52PP2G2AB52PP2G2ABMetal 1.75"Red
52PP2G3AB52PP2G3ABMetal 1.75"Green
52PP2GRAB52PP2GRABPlastic 1.75"Red
52PP2GSAB52PP2GSABPlastic 1.75"Green
52PP2V252PP2V2Plastic 2.5”Red
52PP2W252PP2W2Plastic 1.75"Red
52PP3A252PP3A2Metal 1.75"Red
52PP3D3UB52PP3D3UBMetal 1.75"Green
52PP3DRUB52PP3DRUBPlastic 1.75"Green
52PP3E252PP3E2Metal 1.75"Red
52PP3ER52PP3ERPlastic 1.75"Red
52PP3G2UB52PP3G2UBMetal 1.75"Red
52PP3G3UB52PP3G3UBMetal 1.75"Green
52PP3GRUB52PP3GRUBPlastic 1.75"Red
52PP3GSUB52PP3GSUBPlastic 1.75"Green
52PP3V252PP3V2Plastic 2.5”Red
52PP3W252PP3W2Plastic 1.75"Red
52PP7A252PP7A2Metal 1.75"Red
52PP7V252PP7V2Plastic 2.5”Red
52PP7W252PP7W2Plastic 1.75"Red